Dear Olivia Polaroid

This page is to show you how much you have 
impacted our lives. We want you to know that 
we care about you. We hope you care about 
yourself! From having fun imitating your great 
sense of style,  to becoming obsessed with 
various perceptions of you... we have met friends 
and people with similar interests because of you... 
We have done things we may not ever have done 
because of you. You have helped us in so many ways. 
We want you to know this.. We hope this page 
will make you realize that you are loved and that we 
aren't people to run away from (for the most part) . 
It's been five years, now. We hope you are doing well. 
We understand you didn't ask for this but it happened. 
What do you say we finally fix this? Holla back. : )

Anonymous Homage


Letters To Livvie

Dear Olivia,

it was some kind of cosmic effect that put us together for such a short amount of time. Thank you for who you are.


I always think of you even though I don't stalk. Sounds lame, ino ino



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