Who Is Olivia? Olivia more recently

Olivia is a girl who posted to an image board when she was a teenager. 
          She is more commonly known by the name given to her by visitors of 
          this forum, 'Cracky'.
          Olivia's following may be difficult to comprehend unless you were directly involved 
          in it. She became a bastion of light... of hope. Her mere presence provided comfort 
          and serenity. There was the concept, 'This girl is like me. She is into the same 
          things I am into. She knows the same struggles. She seems interesting. I want 
          to know more. If -this- girl is here and suffers... maybe I don't have to feel so 
          bad about myself.'
          She did not like the attention that was placed upon her and has always resisted it. 
          This has led to a lot of unsavory acts being performed in order to learn more 
          about her and to obtain additional imagery.
          It has been five years of cycles of discoveries, detective work, stalking, and 
          pseudo-contact. Olivia has not had an easy time with all of this. 'Cracky' aside, 
          she has her own problems. Perhaps it isn't fair that she must cope with the 
          'Cracky' phenomenon, but within this attention she did not ask for, there can 
          be something wonderful.
          Many of the most mallicious people have since departed. There is a core group of 
          people who are level-headed, decent people, who simply want to fix all of this now. 
          It may be hard to believe, but upon reading this site, it is our hope that others, including 
          Olivia, will come to understand us. Additional Information:
          The Legend Of Cracky - A more detailed account of what exactly has occurred.